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When you see Amanda Duncan in person, it’s easy to think, “How does all that sound come out of that little body?” Never quite blessed with height, Amanda was blessed with one roaring set of pipes. And a knack for writing lyrics so honest, they cut right to the core of her audience.


After borrowing her uncle’s guitar for a brief stint in high school, she soon realized that this whole music thing might just be more than a fling. She began writing songs about silly things at first, but as her musical understanding grew, so did her desire to really connect with people. She realized that if she was feeling strongly enough to dignify a situation with a song there must be others who could relate and benefit from hearing their own story. “There are so many songs out there that are reflective of negative issues of people’s lives. I want to connect with the positive.”

A primarily self-taught musician, she plays guitar, hand percussion, and most uncommonly, the mandolin. For those listeners looking for something refreshing, Amanda delivers. She infuses the pop country structure with a folkier sound than most current artists. But what really sets her apart from the rest is her dedication to simplicity and her traditionally acoustic sound, reminicent of the bluegrass style.

While currently unsigned, Amanda does not work towards a record deal per se. Instead, she concentrates on building her sound from the ground up, colaborating with different musicians and artists in and around her native New Jersey.

So next time you come to a show, you’ll probably be impressed by her catchy riffs and powerful vocals but what she’d rather is that you find a little bit of yourself in her lyrics and leave a little happier than when you came in.


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