Day 82 – Joanna Burns and the Never Ending Contest

Day 82 - Joanna Burns and the Never Ending Contest
As an independent artist it’s hard to get noticed in general. You work hard to stick out in a sea full of other musicians. It’s mostly who you know. And shows like American Idol, The Voice and X Factor aren’t as real as everyone thinks they are (that is a whole other story). A lot of times we get put in situations where it’s a popularity contest in order to get more connections. Joanna Burns made a video a week for an entire year and not all that much came from it other than a few pats on the back. Right now one of her videos is in Ryan Seacrest’s “Who has the best Maroon 5 Cover?” Contest. There are people she is competing against who have a lot more outreach than she does. This contest seems like it’s going to last till the end of the month. So click the link above and vote…and get some of your friends to vote.


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