Day 54 – The 2013 Oscars

Day 54 - The 2013 Oscars

In case you missed the Oscars tonight…I had some great commentary about it all. Thanks to all of you who followed my statuses tonight.

– Jennifer Garner’s dress has a mohawk on it. You go girl!

– John Travolta is wearing Lego hair.

– The Oscars just sharted. (In reference to the Les Mis number)

– Sorry all of Hollywood, Kristen Stewart did all the lines of coke in Hollywood before the Oscars.

– I thought Sally Fields was Tommy Lee Jones.

-Ok, in all seriousness I didn’t know that Marvin Hamlisch passed away. Such a bummer. Most people don’t realize it, but music is literally a character in the movies we watch.

– Renee, if your goal is to botox your eyes shut you are doing a GREAT job.

– Adele is the classiest classless gal I know. I want to be her friend so badly. Maybe I can start one of those online petitions for people to sign…if enough people sign it I can have a coffee with her.


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