Day 20 – Mom Mom

Day 20 - Mom Mom

Today I celebrated the life of Naomi Frankel….but her real name is Mom Mom. Mom Mom is, my very good friend, Nicole Lipman’s grandmother. Mom Mom lived with Nicole practically her whole life. This past week Mom Mom passed away at the age of 94, a few days after her 73rd wedding anniversary. Mom Mom had the best sense of humor. Nicole would say to her “Hey Mom Mom…word…” and Mom Mom would respond with “to your mothaaa.” Needless to say she always was good for a laugh. Nicole told me that Mom Mom was a real party animal back in her hey day. She was also the tannest person in the family. There are lots of pictures to prove this. Right now Mom Mom is laying on the beach and telling her funniest jokes to Nicole’s grandfather. Nicole gave an amazing speech about her grandmother….it was more than perfect. If that is possible.

On a side note, 2013 is having a rocky start for me, my family and some of my friends. I plan on having a NEW New Years celebration when the dust settles. And just in case you were wondering, I am almost ready to my goals for the year. Please bare with me during these disheartening times. I promise things will get lighter soon.


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