Day 3 – Grandma and Pa

Day 3  - Grandma and Pa

This would be my father’s parents…man…I love this photo. My grandmother took a ton of photos…which was rare for someone her age. My grandfather was such a handsome charmer. He was also an insane jokester. My dad told me he would play pranks on people all the time. A few of those pranks involved fake poop and fake vomit. Hahaha! My grandfather left us over 20 years ago. He always said he was going to come back as a cardinal (which I think I might have mentioned in photo of the day last year). There has been a bright red cardinal hanging out in my backyard for months. I would always say “Pa is here.” This morning I saw a female cardinal hanging out and said “Oh…there’s grandma.” They are probably so happy to finally see each other.


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