Day 363 – Chaplin: The Musical

Day 363 - Chaplin: The Musical

Day 363 – Chaplin: The Musical

See the top photo of Chaplin? That’s actually my friend Rob. Uncanny, isn’t it? I met Rob years ago through Joanna Burns (who at the time was going to Montclair University). He was insanely talented with a true heart of gold. Rob left his college career to play the role of Princeton/Rod on Avenue Q. No, I’m not joking. He’s since gone on to play the lead in Chaplin: The Musical. Rob was stunning. He did his own stunts and of course sang and acted with such grace and conviction. Afterwards I got to go backstage to Rob’s dressing room and he talked about all the preparation and hard work the musical has been for the past 2 years. He is still extremely sincere and kind-hearted.

All of the amazingly cool people in the bottom photo also went to Montclair. It was sort of an accidental reunion for all them because they didn’t tell each other they were going to attend. I’ve seen all of them perform and I have feeling that they will all have their own photo of the day in the future.

Chaplin is closing on January 6th…catch it while you can!


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