Day 356 – Anderson Cooper’s Ugly Sweater Contest

Day 356 - Anderson Cooper's Ugly Sweater Contest

I didn’t take this photo, but it’s extremely worthy of “photo of the day”. This if my friend Danielle McDonnell. She is hilarious and wonderful to be around. I never get to hang out with her as much as I would like to. Ok, back to the story of this photo. She entered Anderson Cooper’s Ugly Sweater Contest. You’ll notice that the snowmen carrot noses are strategically spaced. Hehe. She was one of the finalists and actually was asked to go to Anderson Cooper’s studio!!!! AND she WON!!!! The prize is a trip to Hawaii!!!!! Holy crap man! Congratulations Danielle! You rule on so many levels…but the Anderson Cooper grabbing your carrot nose nipple level takes the cake!


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