Day 321 – Music Video & iTunes Single….Check aaaand Check

Day 321 - Music Video & iTunes Single....Check aaaand Check

I’m writing this entry with a very big smile on my face. This is probably my biggest accomplishment of 2012. Granted I didn’t come out with an iTunes single in the first quarter of the year, BUT I still put it out….along with a music video I hope you guys are ok with me checking it off my list. Here is a link to the single on iTunes: & Bandcamp: I’m thrilled with how the video came out. Kevin Keiser ( did a fantastic job (the poor guy had to deal with all my nit-pickiness). It’s exactly the way I pictured it. Thank you to all the people who suffered in the heat all day in order to make this video happen. I hope you are also happy with how it came out.

AND I want to give props to my makeup gal Amanda Rae Negro ( She did the makeup for my music video and my promo photos. She is amazing at what she does and she is also a charming and wonderful person.

I really hope you love the song and the video and I would be more than flattered if you’d share it with your friends via any form of social networking. Thanks everyone.


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