Day 293 – My Friend Chris

Day 293 - My Friend Chris

Hey everyone…I want to introduce you to my good friend Chris Miller. I know Chris through TIGS/TI (a student leadership organization I’ve been a part of since 1994). Chris is one of those people you want to be around all the time. He is smart, funny, and extremely giving. For the past few years I’ve heard here and there that he was sick. I didn’t realize the hardships he has been dealing with till I saw this video: Chris was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and his insurance company found a loophole to get out of paying for the first 6 months of his treatments. The video explains it all. If you have $5, $10, $20…please go to and click on the donation button to help him and his family take a chunk out of the debt that they’ve encountered. I know Chris personally…we’ve sat over coffee and chatted about our dreams and aspirations. This is different from a large “let’s beat cancer” organization where you have no idea where your money goes to. Please let me know if you send anything to Chris and I’ll send you a heartfelt gift.


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