Day 285 – Jackie Tohn’s One Woman Show

Day 285 - Jackie Tohn's One Woman Show

I feel like I’ve talked about Jackie Tohn in my photo project before. I ,literally, met Jackie in a bathroom at a college booking conference. She was wearing the coolest outfit, bangin’ sneakers and a gold sequined fanny pack to top it all off. I said to her “Man, I love your get up! You look like a rockstar.” From that moment on we’ve been buddies. Jackie is a singer-songwriter, vocalist, actress, and hilarious person. We get to hang a few times a year which usually results in scenarios similar to a slumber party for 12 year old girls.

Today I saw Jackie put on a one woman show she wrote with Lisa Brenner. It’s called “There’s a Show in Here”. It’s a musical comedy about Jackie and how she grew up. There were lots of wonderful Jewish references throughout. There were so many hilarious moments…there were also some really touching moments. Great job Jackie! Can’t wait till our next sleep over. Just don’t put my underwear in the freezer. Check out Jackie’s cute website:


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