Day 283 – New Website? Check

Day 283 - New Website? Check

I’ve designed websites for years, but I always did it in a makeshift way cause I taught myself. I decided that I needed to actually learn some coding to help me design in the right way. So, I dedicated chucks of time throughout this past year to learn/teach myself present day web design techniques. Today I FINALLY launched my new website!!! All that hard work and discipline paid off and I’m really proud of what I created. Another thing on my list of goals to check off! Please take the time to check it out:

p.s. Please let me know if you have any cool ideas that I can implement on the site. Earlier today my friend Scott Wolman suggested that I have a “favorite snack” section on my site and I made that addition within a few hours. It’s called “Sweet Tooth City” with some fun links to recipes on Pintrest. Thanks Scott!


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