Day 280 – Promo Pics? Check

Day 280 - Promo Pics? Check

Waaaay back in the beginning of the year the first photo I posted in my 2012 Project 366 was a list of goals I was striving to achieve this year. I have accomplished some of them but the public hasn’t seen them come to light. Today I posted a few new promo pics…so I feel like I can officially check that goal off the list (you should take a look at my profile to check them out…they are pretty awesome). A big shout out to Shelby Rae for taking the photos and Amanda Rae Negro for makin’ my mug look good via her professional makeup skills.

Stay tuned for more being checked off this list. I realize there are only a few more months to go in 2012, so a bunch of the goals will have to carry over to next year. I want to do things right to get my “bang for my buck” in order to further my life and career. Doing things right takes time.


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