Day 246 – Politics

Day 246 - Politics

As a kid I never understood why adults got so heated up about politics. As I’ve become an adult I can see why. At this point in time people on Facebook are being complete psychopaths. I don’t care what people post….even if I don’t agree with what they are saying. However, I DO care how people respond to those posts. Some people are just looking to start a fight. I’ve posted a few statuses poking fun of some political views, but I, by no means, am trying to change someone’s mind. What I’m trying to say is, play nice for crying out loud. If you see a status that you don’t agree with and you see others agreeing with it…for the love of god…LET. IT. GO. You aren’t going to change someone’s mind via an insane 2 paragraph rant on Facebook. If you think you are going to “win” in a debate by bombarding someone via text …you ARE one of those Facebook psychopaths. If someone is annoying you take that person out of your feed or better yet get a life and enjoy the real world for a change.

p.s. I’m sure some overzealous dummy isn’t going to read this whole thing and post some kind of nasty comments on this photo. I honestly believe every person has the right to believe what they want…BUT I honestly have no problem deleting psychopathic comments.


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