Day 238 – Video Editing with Kevin Keiser

Day 238 - Video Editing with Kevin Keiser

Tonight was exciting! As most of you know I shot a music video a few months ago (on the hottest day ever). Tonight we finished up the edits (on a HUGE screen tv)….and it looks awesome! As you can see I didn’t take a photo of this happening. I was all ready to and then we stopped to edit something and then I forgot for the rest of the night. Ack! Maybe this will put a bit more mystery into what the video will look like. Haha! I’m so so so happy with it. I have a lot of tricks up both my sleeves so it may be a bit before you see this video. Basically, I’m trying to stuff myself into the cannon right now and trying to make myself into a really really tight ball so when it shoots me out I get the most airtime. Ok, that made no sense…it will be worth the wait is what I’m trying to say.

p.s. I don’t think I portrayed Kevin’s hair very well here. You know it’s him though cause of his glasses frames. Hehehe. Kevin is pretty amazing.


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