Day 236 – Confections of a Rock$tar

Day 236 - Confections of a Rock Star

I had a nice day out in Asbury Park today. Asbury seems to be my go-to hang out these days. The boardwalk is awesome and the mom and pop stores/restaurants really make me happy. One thing that I noticed was that Confections of a Rock Star was FINALLY open. I’ve seen the store front sign for a long time and I was thrilled to get to my hands on da sweet treats. It turns out that this place was just on the new Food Network show “3 Days to Open” with Bobby Flay. I haven’t seen the episode yet, but now I’ll be sure to watch.

Most of you know that I’m a cupcake junkie. BUT I’m really picky about my cupcakes…more specifically my cupcake frosting. I can be pretty hard to please because I have the best recipe for cupcake frosting (aka Mom Mom Sparkle’s Frosting). I’m always skeptical of bakery buttercream. In general, when I see the word “buttercream” I avoid it at all costs. It’s usually hard as a rock and way too sweet. However, I’m happy to announce that his place has great cupcake frosting. A bunch of different kinds and they aren’t too sweet. Some of them remotely resemble Mom Mom Sparkle’s frosting. They also have fantastic French macaroons, too! Soooo….if you are in Asbury Park take the time to drive on Cookman Avenue and get some of these fine sweetie treaties!

Link: Confections of a Rock$tar.


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