Day 233 – Why I’m So Cool

Day 233 - Why I'm So Cool

Looking back at my high school years I look at myself as a pretty dorky gal. Not in a bad way. If you look at the most successful people in history they were probably the geekiest/dorkiest people in high school. I may have not been the coolest girl in class, but no matter what I always wanted to be a genuine person. A big part of that thinking came from being a part of Teen Institute (LMTI – Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute…formally known as TIGS – Teen Institute of the Garden State). Teen Institute is a leadership conference I attended for 16 years until my music became my main focus. This organization showed me it was ok to live a happy fulfilling life without drinking or doing drugs. So, if you see me and the crazy things I do…just know that it’s all me. Nothing needed to enable that kind of fun other than my heart and spirit! Haha!

Today I visited the conference for the day and so many memories came rushing back to me. The best people in my life are from this organization. My drive to achieve my goals, my thirst to improve myself, my gratitude for the simple things in life, my desire to inspire others….all comes from Teen Institute (and my parents of course). If you like being my friend you should like this photo so you can indirectly thank Teen Institute for helping me become the person I am today.


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