Day 183 – Summer Stagin’ It

Day 183 - Summer Stagin' It

Today I received an awesome message from my friend Joe Cantaffa. Joe created an all high school aged acapella group…get this…before GLEE existed. The group is called the Rock N Roll Chorus and it consists of about 30 members. Joe does the arranging for the group and as I listened tonight to some of his new arrangements I was impressed all over again. Ok, back to the phone call…Joe left me a message yesterday (which I didn’t check it cause the heat from the video shoot went to my brain). The message was asking me to play a few of my tunes between their sets at the Jenkinsons North End Stage. I called him today as soon as I found out and this is me a few hours later layin’ it down. Haha! Just so you know, any time there is a profile picture of me you’ll see me sticking my butt out for some reason. No idea why I do that, but it only happens while performing. Hahaha!

Thanks so much Joe for the opportunity. I think I’ll be playing a few more shows with the Rock N Roll Chorus this summer. I’ll keep everyone posted!


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