Day 182 – The Hottest Music Video Shoot

Day 182 - The Hottest Music Video Shoot

Sadly, my video didn’t take place on this playground pirate ship. However, I wanted to pick the hottest most stifling day to make a music video inside a large shed with no air conditioning. Luckily I picked the best day to accomplish this. Bahaha! No kidding. Today was the hottest day I’ve ever experienced without any major relief. These individuals were the most amazing, patient, kind-hearted group of people that I could ever asked for….especially on a day like today. They truly breathed the life into this video. Everyone is clapping in this photo cause there was a lot of clapping throughout the day.

The video crew had the toughest gig out of everybody, but I know this video is going to kick everyone in their eyeballs. And Amanda Rae Negro wasn’t far behind with her makeup applying and sweat blotting skills.

I really can’t thank everyone enough for being so wonderful in dealing with the heat. When I got home I took a shower right away…and it was hands down the best shower I’ve ever taken.

A lot of (literal) sweat went into this video shoot and I can’t wait for the world to see it!!!!!!


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