Day 154 – The Best Worst Movie of All Time

Day 154 - The Best Worst Movie of All Time

For years I’ve been hearing about the movie Troll 2. Tonight I finally walked the plank and watched it. How can I describe this movie? Hmmm…well…this family goes away to Nilbog (goblin spelled backwards) for a vacation. The town is filled with trolls disguised at people that try to convince humans to eat their treats in order to turn them into piles of green goop. Once the human is turned into green goop the trolls then start shoving the green goop into their mouths. This shot is a famous scene from the movie. I’m pretty sure if you youtube Troll 2 this scene will come up. Yup, that is a house fly on that guys forehead. And yes, they choose that scene instead of others without a fly on his head.

This was the least yet most satisfying movie I’ve ever seen. It had the best worst acting known to man. I loved it. There was never a Troll 1. There was a movie called Trolls, but the people that made Troll 2 tried to reap the benefits of a making it seem like a sequel. Too funny.


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