Day 152 – Comedian Sarah Schaefer

Day 152 - Comedian Sarah Schaefer

Last month a friend of mine posted a link to a Kickstarter Video. The video led me to a comedian named Sarah Schaefer. I’m basically a professional Kickstarter donator at this point…mostly because I love supporting people in their goals and aspirations and actually see those achievements come to fruition. Since I have a lot of younger folk as friends on all my social networks I didn’t repost her video…BUT if you want to look Sarah up and find it yourself that is up to you. Just know that the end of the video is worth the wait. I nearly died at the end of the video. I relate to the geeky-ness of Sarah and I have a feeling we would get along really well. This shirt is one of my rewards for donating to Sarah’s Kickstarter campaign. Sarah, if you read this…I hope you have a kick ass tour.


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