Day 148 – Fire Early in the Morn

Day 148 - Fire Early in the Morn

I normally wait till the end of every day before posting a photo just in case there is one better than the other. Well, I KNOW nothing will out do this one. This morning I was dreaming about something…I can’t remember, but I heard lots of fire engines (that were of course incorporated into my dream). I woke up from the noise, took a sip of water, and went to the ladies room. When I came back to my room I looked out my window to see what all the commotion was about AND THIS IS WHAT I SAW! Holy crap!!!!! I screamed “OH MY GOD!!!”, put on a bra and ran outside to make sure it wasn’t my neighbors house. It wasn’t…thank god! Sadly, for the Buhler & Bitter Car Dealership it was their building that was aflame. INSANE! You could feel the heat coming off this thing from a mile away. It was such a site to see. There were multiple township fire departments and they did a great job containing the fire….but the building is completely demolished. I have a few other photos that I think I’ll post later today.

If anyone wants a car right now would be a good time to buy.


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