Day 135 – The Mandolin Saga Continues

Day 135 - The Mandolin Saga Continues

For those of you who have been following my mandolin saga…United Airlines found it in Denver, CO yesterday. This morning I wake up with 5 missed calls from 4am from a man who was trying to deliver my mandolin. He left 2 messages in a thick New York accent; The 1st “Hey, I’m almost at your house to deliver your ukulele.” The 2nd “Hey I’m knocking at your door right now ::pound pound pound:: trying to wake you up. Ok, I gotta bring this back to the airport.” I was not notified of this delivery ahead of time. Had I known I would have been up. I would have been annoyed, but I would have been up. Then he just called me about an hour ago saying he was at my house again asking me if I was there…and I wasn’t CAUSE I HAD NO IDEA HE WOULD BE THERE AGAIN. Then he started to be rude to me telling me this was his 2nd attempt to deliver it and all this other bs. So I decided to call him out on being rude and finally called him a jerk. So, yea, I still don’t have my mandolin. I’m ready to blow a gasket.


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