Day 124 – My Kinda Grammy

Day 124 - My Kinda Grammy

Day 124 – My Kinda Grammy

It’s days like this that help reinforce all the hard work I put into songwriting. I take serious care when writing my songs. I also make sure to get the approval of other songwriters I trust before putting out those songs out into the world. I do all this in the hope that my songs will stick out above “the rest” and I help me reach the next level in my career. The Independent Music Awards has been recognizing those efforts for the past 3 years by giving me 4 nominations and 2 wins. Some of this year’s judges were Keith Richards, Tom Waits, Tori Amos, and Amy Ray (Indigo Girls). Now, most likely these people didn’t hear my song…BUT some other accomplished individual in the music industry listened in comparison to 4 other Holiday Songs and said “Yup, ‘Mistletoe’…I like this one the best.”  Pretty damn awesome!!!

I also, need to give Joanna Burns a massive shout out. Practically every song of mine that you hear Joanna was a part of it somehow. Sadly, she has yet to get one of her own songs nominated for an IMA, but I can honestly say she is one of the best songwriters I know. Listen to her amazing record for free on Spotify: OR you can buy it for half price on Bandcamp OR you can buy it on iTunes and give it a nice review. I’m getting tired of this record not getting the recognition it deserves…so PLEASE, for the love god at least give it a listen.

Thanks for reading all this. And thank you to all of you who really support me and ACTUALLY take the time to listen to my music. Haha!



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