Day 74 – Judo Chop Yo @$$


You ever have a day that just seems to be one aggravating thing after another? That was yesterday for me. The first half the day was great. It was the middle that made me want to pull my hair out. I couldn’t upload this photo last night because I was having computer issues at the end of the night. Anyway…I caught these movies out of the corner of my eye last night and felt like it was a good representation of how I felt. If I had Uma Thurman’s skills everyone would be in trouble! I think I need to have a movie night and watch these. Kill Bill make me realize that no matter how large a task you can kick ass if you put in the time/effort and have the drive to do it. I know it’s a movie, but think about it! Hahaha! I’ll be happier today…although I’m still blowing off steam.


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