Day 64 – Noooo mooore wire hangers!

Hang out with me!

In an attempt to clean up my life a bit more I bought some hangers today. Last year I cleaned out my closet and I was a little over zealous in getting rid of stuff. I threw out all of my extra hangers. There were sooo many of them I just didn’t think of saving any. I even took a picture of it, but I have no idea where it is. I wish I could show how huge the pile of hangers was!!! Ack! I’ve made due since then, but I really need to get on the ball because there are shirts gathering at the bottom of my closet and they need a hanger to call home. I’ve been going on cleaning binges in different parts of the house the past few weeks. I need to become one of those anal people in regards to organization because clutter really annoys me but not enough to do something about it. Anal friends…give me advice on how to do this!


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