Day 50 – Hoots and Hellmouth & Red Molly

Watch yo mouth watch yo mouth!

Tonight I went to an inspiring show at the City Winery in Manhattan. A few years ago Joanna Burns attended SXSW (South by South West – the biggest music conference in the country that takes place in Austin, Texas) and she saw this band called Hoots and Hellmouth. She bought their CD and showed it to me when she got back from her trip. I immediately fell in love with their sound. I’ve been a fan for years and 3 years later I finally made it out to one of their shows. Haha!

The night began with Red Molly…an insanely mesmerizing act with 3 ladies jammin’ on bass, guitar, and dobro. The 3 part harmonies that sang were so tight that if you gave the stage coal by the end of the performance you would have diamonds. Yes, THAT tight! LOVED it!

Then Hoots and Hellmouth came out and killed it! They put forth more energy in one night than most acts put out in a year. They travel with small platforms that they stomp on. How cool is that? The mandolin/keyboardist couldn’t stop dancing…hence why he is so blurry. Haha! I can’t really explain their show with words and give it justice. Check these bands out.


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