Day 35 – Toothpaste with a Message

Oh no they di-n't!

Last night I ran out of toothpaste. So this morning I called the front desk of the hotel to bring me some. Housekeeping came to my room and gave me a dental kit and in it was the smallest tube of toothpaste I’ve ever seen in my life. I first took a photo of the front of this tube, but then I discovered on the back this wonderful message “Toothpaste for: Strong teeth and fresh breath” Out of anger of how small the tube was I put the entire contents on my toothbrush. As soon as I put the toothbrush in my mouth I knew it was too much paste. Just too much. I looked like an insane rabid dog (or like Pee Wee in the intro to ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure). I’m pretty sure that toothpaste didn’t strengthen my teeth and I know it didn’t freshen my breath.


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