Day 18 – Bad Karaoke on Purpose

No words for terrible and wonderful this was.

I’ve never been one for karaoke. I feel like karaoke should be reserved for horrible singers or extremely amazing vocalists and nothing in between. Haha! Tonight I played Crossroads in Garwood with Mike Basmagy on upright bass. The show was a good time, but the highlight of the night was Joanna Burns singing bad karaoke on purpose. To be clear, karaoke started after my show. It wasn’t during it. Joanna sang a song by Aaron Neville (you know that guy with the huge mole on his eyebrow and crazy vibrato?). I can’t be sure what song it was because she butchered it to badly. Everyone in the room who knew Joanna was dying from laughter. Everyone else in the room just ignored her as if she was another horrible karaoke singer. After she was finished I felt strangely satisfied with her horrific performance knowing full well that should could have blown the roof off the top of the building. Later on she told me she didn’t even know how the song went. I guess that contributed to the off-key-ness. Too much!


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