Day 7 – The 4th Apparently Annual Winter Break Show (A Reenactment)

Thank you!!!!

Tonight was The 4th Apparently Annual Winter Break Show. Since I get so caught up in the moment I don’t always get the chance to take a photo. Last year skipped a year (so not so annual. Haha!) Joanna Burns, Chris Ayer and I have putting on this show since…well 5 years ago. Allie Moss was a special guest this year and she made everyone swoon.

I just need to say how amazing the Brookdale Theater Staff is….they are just PHENOMENAL! They are so good to Joanna and I and I just can’t thank them enough. They go over and beyond their call of duty and I’m going to have to find a way to get famous really quick in order to buy them all vacations. Paid vacations. Haha!

Also, a big shout-out to my mom & Ashley Nixon who helped bake. Thanks to Jasmine Robles who helped carry a million things. And Janine Kamouh who helped sell merch.

Sometimes these stick figure reenactments are even better than the real thing. Haha! Thanks to everyone who helped!!!!!


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