Day 1 – Goals for 2012

Bring it on 2012!!!

It’s crazy to be starting all over again! BUT taking a photo a day is a part of my lifestyle now…I can’t help but continue to do it. This year I’m adding a new element to the project which is including my goals for the year. So, here is a list of things I want to accomplish this year and when I take a photo of achieving that goal I’ll cross it off this list. This list will evolve over the year and I hope you’ll come along for the ride. Below are my goals typed out in case you can’t read my horrible handwriting. Haha!

1. Release an iTunes single within the first quarter of 2012
2. Release a full album
3. Make a legit music video
4. Get new promo photos taken
5. Make a new website for myself
6. Get a song licensed on tv
7. Create 2 new Amanda Duncan t-shirts
8. Get 2 endorsements
9. Go on tour with my “Tall Glass of Water” (aka my upright bassist)
10. Go on a west coast tour
11. Start the A.D. Inspiration Station
12. Have please N thank U productions (my production company) produce a single well known up and coming artist.
13. Share the stage with 2 big name artists
14. Vacation in Key West
15. Put out the Amanda Duncan comic strip


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