Day 344 – Change Jar Jollies

Richie Rich has nothin' on me!

So, yea, I have this change jar that has change in it. This particular jar usually gets me around 100 smackaroos when I cash it in. Please don’t try to find out where I live in order to rob me….I have access to guns and you don’t want to mess with me. Haha! A few years ago I took my former change jar into a bank that had a change machine. I ended up dropping the jar and it shattered into a million pieces which made a crazy loud noise in a extremely resonant room. I don’t get embarrassed very easily, but needless to say my cheeks were pretty red at that moment. Luckily this has happened after all my change was counted. The people at the bank said it happened all the time. From that point on I put my change in a plastic bag when cashing it in. Embarrassment is a good way to learn from mistakes.


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