Day 335 – JB’s Ultimate Fan Gift

Joanna even looks good painted.

Day 335 – JB’s Ultimate Fan Gift

For those of you who don’t know Joanna Burns…you are missing out on one of the coolest, nicest, most talented people in the world. Tonight she was given the most incredible gift in the world from a fan. This hand-painted portrait of the original cover of her album “The Green Year”. This was painted by the mother of our friend/fan Christian Suárez . I’ve mentioned Christian in another one of my photos. He gave me a guitar strap with my name on it! Christian is from Mexico City and is probably mine and Joanna’s biggest fan. I met with him tonight for dinner and I found out how extremely cultured, fun to talk to, and inspiring he is. He is also very thoughtful and would most likely swim across an ocean to see us play if he could. That seriously makes up for all the empty rooms I’ve played to. Sometimes I ask myself “When are people going to come out in droves to see me play without having to promote every second of everyday?” I travel all over the country and people ask me to play in their state all the time. When I finally get there I’m still too far away for them to drive to see me. This isn’t me complaining…it’s just my reality…I’m not remotely famous (yet). Christian’s encouragement gives me hope that one day I’ll get to play to a room full of people who are willing to drive an hour to see me…because he is willing to take a 5 hour flight. So, here is to Christian and his family for pushing me to continue what I’m doing.  Thank you so much.


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