Day 332 – OurStage & Austin Renfroe

Time to swoon ladies. Haha!

Tonight I went to an insane event that was held at The Canal Room in NYC. My buddy Austin Renfroe  was one of the final four artists in the OurStage Panel. It was pretty stiff competition. Each act performed the one song that got them to their finalist slot and a panel of music industry peeps decided who was going to win the grand prize of $5,000, a showcase in front of more industry peeps and a professional video EPK (Electronic Press Kit). Austin always knows how to put on a good show. This is a photo of him on top of the bar singing his heart out to the crowd. It was awesome!

This event was no joke. There were cameras everywhere and at the end of the night the band Hot Chelle Rae performed. They sing this pop song… As they performed this song I was laughing to myself saying “How do I find myself in these crazy situations?”

Sadly, Austin didn’t win. It doesn’t matter thought because you’ll probably hear him on your local pop station within the next year and a half. Check out his tunes (he is the real deal…I’m not kidding). Ok….later!


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