Day 324 – South of the Border

That's one big a$$ hat!

Today I was in the car for 18 hours driving from Florida back to New Jersey (I just didn’t feel like stopping). So, if that doesn’t show dedication to this project I don’t know what would. I’d rather be sleeping right now.

Well, on about the photo. South of the Border holds some memories for me as a kid. When I was really little my father’s father (a.k.a. Pa) would drive all of us in the “camper” to Orlando (this only happens a few years because he passed away at a very young age). We would stop at South of the Border. We would hang out and he would tell stories. He would take out his teeth and make the most ridiculous faces. He made my brother laugh so hard one time doing that that he threw up the nachos he ate earlier that day. Haha! So, South of the Border holds a fond place in my heart when we had Pa in our lives. Man, what a funny guy he was.


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