Day 279 – Bess Rogers “Out of the Ocean” Release Party

Heart heart heart.

Tonight I attended a star-studded event at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. Bess Rogers released her full length album “Out of the Ocean” to a stuffed-to-the-gills room full friends and fans. I first met Bess years ago when we played a show together at the Internet Cafe in Red Bank. After hearing her first full length album (which blew me away)…I have looked forward to all of her new releases.

Tonight the stage was jammed packed full of musicians that I’ve been following for years. They are a group of people that constantly inspire me to be a better musician, songwriter, and business person. I can only hope that the music that I’m creating  will one day evoke inspiration in others as their music has done for me.

Check out Bess’ latest release on iTunes You’ll probably want to buy her whole discography while you’re at it. Thanks for a great night Bess.


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One Response to “Day 279 – Bess Rogers “Out of the Ocean” Release Party”

  1. Lito Says:

    Hey Amanda!!! You were at Rockwood Thurs night, too??? How did I miss you. I was there too! Great show by Bess and friends! Hope you got yourself a chocolate chip cookie. I got two! 😛 Bess is the greatest! I always catch her shows at Rockwood. Anyways, hope you’re doing great too! -Lito

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