Day 277 – Meatball Cakeball

You don't eat no meat? Ok, I make lamb. - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Tonight I had a wonderful time with a great group of people. We made cakeballs (that looked like meatballs). I had sugar overload and laughter overload. It was the kind of night that reminded me of the ultimate sleepover…except we didn’t play ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ or ‘bloody mary…bloody mary…bloody mary’. Although, they did freeze a pair of my underwear. It was an uncomfortable drive home since I didn’t sleep over and I had to put the underwear back on. Brrrrr! Haha. Just kidding. No, but really.


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One Response to “Day 277 – Meatball Cakeball”

  1. movita Says:

    Um… those cakeballs really do look like meatballs… I’m sure there’s a design concept there that you could build on! Perhaps submit this photo to Bakerella? (Tee hee!)

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