Day 276 – “The Grid” Video Shoot

I felt like a movie star today...and I wasn't even in the camera's view!

This is a top secret photo from a video shoot from the original series “The Grid”. I figured that my friends working on the series wouldn’t mind me posting this pic since I’m famous and it will help them gain new fans. Hehe. My friend Kevin Keiser (from high school) has really made a name for himself in the cinematography world. After viewing the trailer for this series that he wrote…you’ll see why. Another one of my hard working friends, Kevin Sebastian (also, from high school…finally got his actor’s equity card), is acting in this series. The way it’s being filmed is no joke. It looks amazing. Kevin K. is going to allow me to sit in during some of his editing sessions because I’m really interested in video editing these days. There will be special effects…the whole kit and kaboodle!  This project was fan-funded via kickstarter. It was really great to actually be a part of this when it was all happening…I got to see my donation get put to good use!

So, make me look good…like and follow the following pages. – Watch the Trailer Here


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