Day 268 – LadyKiller First Full Band Show

Eardrum implosion.

Today was a fulfilling day for me. LadyKiller (Joanna Burns‘s brother’s band) had their first full band show at a Battle of the Bands. The winner gets to play Six Flags Great Adventure! I’ve been working with with them for years now. I’ve engineered their debut album and it sounds amazing. I’m so proud of it and I can’t wait for the world to hear it. Since LadyKiller isn’t on a label (yet) they are fundraising via Bandcamp (a website that helps independent artists sell their music). Their goal is to sell enough pre-orders of their record so then can finally print copies of their album. Here is the link The album is $10 and you receive a free download immediately after your purchase.

I’ll be honest in saying that you aren’t just helping them out….you are helping me out. I’ve put my blood and guts into this album and I want to see it come to life. Their music may not be your thing, but I would love your support in my audio engineering career. Their harmonies and songwriting make for an original combination that might help fill a musical hunger you never knew you had. Feel free to buy more than one copy if you are feeling generous. Thanks for reading.

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