Day 262 – The Story of My Bass

I sound real good y'all!

My big joke is that I have horseshoes up my bum (meaning I have a lot of good luck). About 10 years ago I met this really upstanding awesome guy named Jay Blackwell. Oddly enough I was in a band playing keyboards. I was taking keyboard lessons at the time and my teacher would put his students together to form bands. I figured, “What the heck?” and signed up. It was a really cool experience for me because I was never really in a band until then. Anyway, back to Jay Blackwell. Jay was friends with my keyboard teacher and would hang out every now and then and we ended up getting together and jamming a bunch of times. Jay was a baseball coach at Rutgers (I’m not sure if he still is because we fell out of touch, but I JUST friended him on Facebook and hope to show him this post). He ended up renting out a warehouse in order to have baseball clinics throughout the winter and the place used to be an old rehearsal studio. A beat up bass was still lying around and he asked me if I could use it. I, of course, said “Yes!” Well, it turns out that the bass he gave me was a Fender Precision. I was told by a friend this past year how great the bass was so I took the time to get it fixed up. It’s now my production company’s studio bass. It sounds amazing! I don’t really play bass that much, but I did write the bass lines for “Love I Have for You” and “The Cookie Song”.

So, yea, horseshoes. Haha! Back to Jay again. Jay also bought me an acoustic amp because he believed in me so much. It has gotten plenty of use over the years, but now it’s getting used even more because my upright bassist is using it for our shows. I hope that Jay accepts my friend request because I’m finally able to pay him back for the amp…plus he needs an Amanda Duncan pen!


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