Day 234 – Cake Balls

Gotta eat cake balls!

I had a show this afternoon and then I headed straight to Chicago. I visited my booking agents for a little while and it was given great advice to check out the Bleeding Heart bakery. I could tell from the sign that it was THE place to be. I mean the sign actually says “Punk Rock Pastry”!!! Awesome!

They had a ton of stuff that looked fantastic, but the thing that really caught my attention were the cake balls. First off all the name alone made giggle….hehehe. Basically, they were the size of munchins, but they were made out of really dense dense cake. There were all kinds of flavors. Vanilla cake with sprinkles, french toast, chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkles. My favorite, hands down, was the red velvet cake ball. Gah! So good. If you’re ever in Chicago you gotta get cake balls! I just want to say cake balls as much as possible. Ok, I’m done.

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