Day 237 – My Life Changer

Cake, friends, and inspiration.

Did you ever go away somewhere or do something that changed the person you are forever? And then you came home unable to explain to friends and family because the experience were so surreal that everything you said sounded crazy?

When I was 15 years old I went away to an over night summer conference called Teen Institute (TI). I learned about leadership, achieving goals, problem solving and drug and alcohol prevention. Hence my “naturally high” lifestyle. (Nothing artificial here kids…just me enjoying life for all that is has to offer me.)

I attended this “camp” for 16 years. I was high school staff, college staff, volunteer staff and a school advisor (various schools throughout NJ attend). I stopped attending the past few years because my music career started to “take off”, but I hope to get back there sooner than later. It’s the most inspiring and motivating experience that fits me like a glove.

There have been so many times I’ve been made fun of for not drinking of using drugs, but I look at my life and my achievements…and I know I’ve made the right decisions.

A lot of my best friends are from this organization. We get each other. It’s not an everyday occurrence that you find people who aspire to better themselves and live life drug/alcohol free. They are the most fun friends you could ever ask for. More fun than me…can you imagine? Hahaha! As you see from the photo we celebrated TI’s 25th Anniversary today.

So, if you actually read all this….I’m flattered. I’m pretty sure this is the longest blurb I’ve written about a photo so far. I am who I am because of TI…so if you sorta/kinda dig me as a person…you have my parents and TI to thank. Hahaha! If you are interested in volunteering with an awesome group of people check out their website or or feel free to message me with questions.



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