Day 194 – The G7th Capo aka The Best Capo in the World

Hi! I'm a G7th Capo! If you play guitar you need to own me cause I will make your life improve drastically!

You guys…this capo is amaaaazing. It’s the Performance Capo from G7th Capo Company. It’s like Marty McFly from Back to the Future brought back this insane state of the art capo and we now have it in present day. You squeeze this capo on the fret of your choice and it doesn’t knock it out of tune (you guitar players know what I’m talking about). The people working at this company are super cool and are from the UK. Which means awesome accents and kick booty capos are their game. I have a few of these bad boys that I am giving to fellow artists. Look out for some pictures of those folks down the road….AND a promo video of how much I love these capos.

p.s. A capo is used to raise the pitch on the guitar. I use a capo for “Love I Have for You” and “Bed of Cloud”.


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