Day 184 – Teen Vogue Quoting Me

Me and Taylor sharing some space in a the same magazine. Hey girl!

Just in case you didn’t get your Teen Vogue in the mail yet I might be spoiling the surprise of them quoting me in the “Hot Topic: Instant Fame” article on page 54 of the 2011 August issue. The article is about the over night success of Rebecca Black (you know the girl how sings “Friday”). She hired a production company for $2,000 to write, produce and help her make a video. Teen Vogue contacted me to see what my thoughts were on the subject:

“Of course, using a production company isn’t the only route. There’s also the old-fashioned way to getting the attention of the right person and with no intermediary, landing a record deal. But the traditional way, though respected can be difficult. These days record companies want you to come premade and prepackaged. They want you to be an immediate success,” says Amanda Duncan, a New Jersey-based singer-songwriter who as been pursuing a professional music career for the past five years. Amanda hasn’t gotten signed to a label yet, but she has been able to quit her day job and pursue singing full-time with the gigs she books. That’s certainly satisfying for me,” she says.

Feel free to pick up a copy so it makes it seem like I am the main reason for the boost in sales. Haha!


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