Day 176 – Wedding on the Beach

Today was a great day! Two of my friends got married on the beach in Asbury Park. It was such a crazy beautiful set up. I’ve never been to a wedding quite like this. I love going to weddings when the couple is really meant to be together (I mean that’s what it’s about right? Haha!)

People were watching the wedding from Convention Hall and from the boardwalk. They were cheering my friends on. It was just flat out awesome!!!

Onto the reception. It started with a slide show of the couple as they were kids and the music behind it was my song “Fall into You”…it fit perfectly. Kind of surreal to watch. Then the bride danced with her father to “Bed of Cloud”. I didn’t know a single person at this wedding so everyone at my table was like “Who is this? What song is this?” I didn’t feel like saying “It’s me!” Hahaha! In the end the bride stopped by our table and told everyone. Little did they know they were sitting with a (to-be) famous person. Gahahaha!

The music at this wedding was great (not because of my music being included). Simon & Garfunkel, Stone Temple Pilots, and Tori Amos to name a few. Now that’s what I call a match made in heaven!


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