Day 168 – It’s a Small World After All

Famous by association!

I’ve been meaning to take a picture of this water bottle for a while now. This past fall I played at Bates College. It was one of the most memorable shows that I played all year. They know how to do it up in Maine. Haha! It’s funny how small the college performance circuit is. Three of my friends also played Bates that semester and they are all doing amazing things. Check out each of these peeps:

Ernie Halter –
Recently Justin Beiber…not joking…went up on stage with Ernie and sang one of Ernie’s Songs. It’s all over YouTube. Insane!

Javier Colon –
Javier is one of the favs on the NBC show The Voice. His voice is unreal, but real all that same time. Haha!

Tim Blane –
I’ve been a big fan of Tim’s music for years. His songs run a gamut of styles (which I love). He has a new album on iTunes…check it out.

I really look up to these guys. I’m hoping I can be the role model to someone else like they are to me.

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