Insanity – Day 20ish

I don’t think I’ve kept very good count of the days I’ve been doing Insanity. I am exactly on target though. I’ve never followed something this regimented. I still am extremely beat after a workout but I can keep up much better than I could over 3 weeks ago. My body is changing very slowly, but surely. I have about 5 more weeks to go. My goal is to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in my entire life before the end of the summer.

I want to inspire people to take their health seriously so they prevent ailments when they get older. I’ve done a ton of reading on how what we eat is really effects our immune system. Moral of the story is eat as many greens you can possibly eat.

Here is a video of the work out program I’m doing. If you want to order this or any of the other Beachbody workouts you should do it. Order it…then ACTUALLY do it!


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