52 Vids for the Kids Project Launch

I know, I know…yet another project I’m starting. This project benefits those individuals who would like to hear me sing and perform more. I haven’t posted a new video on YouTube in over a year and a half! Bogus!!! So, I decided to force myself to record videos and post up 1 video a week. I want to post the videos every Monday (to help people get through their Monday “blues”). Each week will have it’s own theme. Here is the format:

1. 1st Week of the Month – Cover Song
2. 2nd Week of the Month – Original Song
3. 3rd Week of the Month – Musical Challenge! I have to learn how play a song on an instrument that I’m not very familiar OR play a song that is challenging on an instrument I am familiar with.
4. 4th Week of the Month – The Random Vid! You’ll never know what you get during the 4th week. Beware! Haha!

So, if you aren’t subscribed to my YouTube channel…now would be good time to do so:http://www.youtube.com/amandaduncan Gonna be AWESOME!!!


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One Response to “52 Vids for the Kids Project Launch”

  1. Day 157 – 52 Vids for the Kids Project Launch « Amanda Duncan’s Bloggity Says:

    […] I realized that I haven’t posted a video on YouTube in over a year! Shame on me! So, I decide to start a project that will force me to post a video a week for a full calendar year. I’m calling is “52 Vids for the Kids”…since there are 52 weeks in a year. Haha! If you want more details about the project you can go herehttp://amandaduncan.tumblr.com/post/6273725801or https://amandaduncan.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/52-vids-for-the-kids-project-launch/ […]

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