Day 155 – Wedding Season

This wedding was wonderful and didn't give me gas.

Today I drove out to see two friends from college get married. It took place off of a dirt road in Pennsylvania. It was one of those situations that you are driving and are wondering if your gps is broken. Luckily there were balloons and I knew I was in the right place. The wedding was so nice and tasteful. Not like the insane weddings we have in New Jersey. The ceremony and reception were in the same place (and who doesn’t love that?). I loved the decorations…so simple and pleasant. And best of all the couple are a pair that you know will last forever. So, moral of the story…you don’t need to put on a crazy extravagant wedding to prove to the world you belong with someone.

This is very sentimental. I feel the need to talk about farts or something to redeem myself. Haha!



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