“My Disciplined Life” Project – Day 3

This project is proving to be very challenging. I’m waking up every morning and working out…and then trying to take care of the necessary things on my to-do list. There always tends to be a monkey wrench of some sort. I tend to have a lot of things going on at once and then I’ll usually get a call asking “Oh hey…did you get to that thing I asked you about a while ago?” ::Kabewie::: Monkey wrench inserted. I do like being a resource to the people in my life, I just need better time management skills. Taking on this project is making me realize that more and more as the hours pass me by.

BUT I was able to find the time at the end of the night to fit a few things in. And it never ceases to amazing me how much of a natural high I get from learning new things. I LOVE IT! I’m even more excited to try to add more subjects to each day. I feel great!

Here is what I did today in relation to my list of subjects:

Subject: Pro Tools/Audio Engineering (practice)
Amount of Time: 1 1/2 Hours
Task: Prepared live audio for a video

Subject: Guitar (improvement)
Amount of Time: 45 Minutes
Learning Tool: Rhythm Guitar Book (from www.guitarcollege.com)
Task: Started to memorize the notes on the fret board and learned the “CAGED” system. Really excited to

Subject: Photoshop (improvement)
Amount of Time: 30 Minutes
Learning Tool: Photoshop CS5 Essential Training (video tutorials on www.lynda.com)
Task: Learned about Adobe  Bridge…I never knew it was so useful!

Total Time Implementing Current Skills: 1 1/2 Hours
Total Time Learning New Skills: 1 Hour and 15 Minutes


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