“My Disciplined Life” Project – Day 1 & 2

I come to find that one of my biggest problems with starting a project is ACTUALLY starting the project. Haha! So far my schedule has been pretty relentless, but I’m still finding a way to be productive. I’m going to list the things that I’ve done the past few days in regards to my list of subjects. I am going to list the subject, for how long I practiced, and what tools I used to help me:

Subject: Guitar (improvement)
• 25 Minutes – I finally opened a “teach yourself” book for guitar that I bought years ago from www.guitarcollege.com. It had been collecting dust…and it’s out in the open ready to be used
Subject: Guitar/Mandolin (practice)
• 2 Hours – Rehearsed with my band at Network Music Studios. We played a new song I wrote called “Second Best” and it sounds awesome!
Subject: Artist Consulting
•  1 1/2 Hours – This isn’t necessarily a subject that I listed yesterday, but it’s something that I’ve been interested in doing. I want to help guide other artists to develop better business and marketing plans.

Subject: Pro Tools/Audio Engineering (practice)
• 30 Mins – Prepared a production client’s song for mix
Subject: Final Cut Pro/Video Editing (practice)
• 2 Hours – I edited a promo video (in Final Cut Pro) for college touring purposes.
Subject: Guitar (improvement)
• 20 Minutes – Rhythm Guitar Book (from www.guitarcollege.com)
• 1 1/2 Hours – Rehearsed with my upright bassist for the Amanda Duncan & Her Tall Glass of Water Project

I haven’t taken the time to write out an actual schedule of what I want to do each day. I’m still being very productive, but I need to have more written out plans or I feel like this project isn’t going to work for me. I hope to have my goals written down for each subject by Monday. I need to manage my time better…I think that is what this project is essentially about.


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